Monday, June 19, 2006

NAPS calls for action!

NAPS is a group that supports juvenile and prison reform. We seek to organize and galvanize people like Russell Simmons, Matt Damon, Kanye and Ashton Kutcher to Adopt inmates. We want our members to use google, craiglist, nola etc to e-mail celebrities, pastors and others and ask them to adopt an inmate; especially young inmates. We also fight for inmates rights. We fight for public safety by insisting that rehabilitation be brought back into juveniles and prisons. We want to transform the injustice system and also save our youth. We want older inmates to tell youngsters how awful prison is. We want all of our members to read Sherman Mannings brand new book " Blue Eyed Blonde" ( We also ask sponsors to put "Blue Eyed Blonde" in inner city libraries, collees, juveniles and highschools. We provide free newsletters to our members. Lets engage in letter writing campains, e-mails, blogs and mass book giving. Jesus said "I was in prison and you visited me not" !
Join us today!


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