Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Brand new Blue-Eyed Blonde II

Brand NEW book "Blue-Eyed Blonde II" is out.

All politicians should read this book! Book Two shines a powerful light on political corruption, torture and the Abu Ghraibs right here in America! Dirty police and prison cops beware!

This book is a tribute to great lawyers like the late Johnnie L. Cochran, Willie Gary, Barry Scheck and Gerry Spence. I say write on Sherman! Attorney Murray Janus I'm definitely impressed with the power and spirit of this book. This thing reads like a John Grisham novel only its actually factual I absolutely expect this book to help carve out a transformation for the nation, on how we mete out justice. I was moved to tears by much of what I read within this book. I read the final chapter twice. I am glad Sherman wrote more, and more and more, in the final chapter I suggest we all inundate public libraries, schools, churches and juveniles with copies of this book.I cant think of a better or more impactful book than Blue-eyed Blonde. This is a gripping, scary and rock solid work of art. I suggest (also) that we buy copies and send them to pastors, youth leaders and elected officials.
Max Lemon Associate Warden Old Folsom Prison.

Legal Thriller of the Year