Thursday, March 31, 2011

G.B.G. Gang Bangers for God on Facebook

President and founder Sherman D. Manning wrote some powerfull books and is an expert on wrongful convictions. Sherman Manning is a brilliant intellectual who has passion, energy and charisma. These books are about wrongful convictions, injustice, prison guard corruption and judicial misconduct. When we witness an injustice, we have a duty to argue. Please check out his new powerfull books and support G.B.G. Gang Bangers for God.

Sherman Mannings brand new book K.K.K. (Kids Killing Kids) with a foreword by Attorney Robert D. Blasier is now out! Check it out! It's no fiction it's all true. Sherman reveals prison secrets that Eric Menendez, Lyle, Daniel Henson, the Marcia Clark stalker (Mr. Bardo) amd Mary Hanlon Stone don't want you to know. Attorney Robert D. Blasier was on the O.J. Simpson Dream Team with Johnnie Cochran, He is a world-renowned DNA expert. He fully endorses this book and wants every at-risk teen to read it.
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