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Foreword by Bob Blasier to Sherman Manning's new book "Kids Killing Kids" availlable on

Sherman D. Manning reached out to me because I was onthe O.J. Simpson Dream Team with Johnnie Cochran and others. He asked me toperuse, endorse and promote this major-book "K. K. K." Sherman is aunique man who is determined to use the errors of his past to transform thefuture of all of youths.

It is unusual (an understatement) that I'm writing theforeword for "K. K. K." Not merely because the author isincarcerated. Many powerful, spellbinding and great books have been penned bymen in the "pen". What is strange is howI've come to know Sherman. I've ordered every Book he has written. And I'mimpressed with Sherman's writing skills.

K. K. K. is the kind of Book that you can pickup andopen to any page at random and still be enthralled by Sherman's vividdescriptions of life in prison. Sherman wrote to me: "I need you to help me reach these youths and divertthem from these prisons."

When we secured victory in theO.J. Simpson trial in 1995, Johnnie told the press that his law practice wasmore about the No J's than the O.J.'s. Until he suddenly passed away, Johnnie wasa voice to the voiceless and a champion to the underdog.

I cannot endorse every ideal, claim or accusation thatSherman writes in K.K.K. That's not even what he requested. What I can and willdo is fully endorse the mission of G.B.G. (Gang Bangers for God) and HEART(Helping Educate at Risk Teens). And I hope that judges, lawyers, professors,criminal justice students, and kids in trouble will peruse this book.

It is compelling and unlike most of the books writtenabout prisoners and prisons. Sherman is embedded in his story. He writes inreal-time, with a "no-holds-barred" approach. He "names-names" not only aboutother prisoners but about corrupt employees within the California Department ofCorrections.

Sherman is an expert on the prisons, which our kidsare routinely sent to. This Landmark-Mega-Book is a powerful psychologicalportrait of the mentality of people in prisons. I hope that judges, prosecutors,probation officers and parents will inspire kids to read this book.

The sensational and controversial title of the bookwill automatically attract teens. And the fact that a man in the prison who has conned, cheated and connived in the past, writes this book while he's still inprison gives it both street and youth credibility.

Some prisoners (in gangs) organize, plot andorchestrate Gang "Hits" from their prison cells. Shermanmethodically, skillfully and strategically plots a strategy to transform gangbangers from his concrete cage. Sherman writes: "We must bring every asset tobear and mobilize a task force of psychologists, prisoners, professors andpastors. Supplemented by raving mothers.... we must all, with any dungy,playmakers, homeboy, Industries and Curtis Lee etc. and want this Book (K. K.K.) in every hood, barrio and suburb, to prevent kids from coming here."

I am an attorney with over 40 years of experience,Including 15 years as a prosecutor, and including many high profile and controversialcases. I can affirm that Sherman has never asked me to try to use this book asa bargaining chip for parole, a pardon or for political favor. He has onlyasked me to "please help me to get this book to these kids."

Sherman wants to get "K. K. K." to youngsters likeGreg Pryzbiak, Colton Harris-Moore, and Cassius Marti etc. He Believes that whenJalen Rose, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Coaches and teachers read this book they seethat it gets to at risk kids and young adults.

This book is unusual, unique, powerful, compelling andcandid. I strongly recommend it to teens, young adults, and professionals everywhere.

Bob Blasier, August 2010

Legal Thriller of the Year