Monday, June 19, 2006

Blue Eyed Blonde - The legal thriller of the Year!

Jeremy Shackelford has a passion for Justice. In this sensational book Jeremy Shackelford is a stud and fraternity leader. He graduates Magna Cum Laude from U. C. Davis in California. He interned at the State Capitol for the Terminator. Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Terry Semel and Marc Cuban all gave Jeremy lucrative job offers. But Jeremy is a podcaster, a blogger and the Editor of the Sacramento Bee Newspaper. In the process of wining and dining, Jeremy stumbles upon some information. A powerful secret. His journalistic discovery; could be deadly.
This is a fabulous book with some powerful writing. I hope the fans of American Stars will read this book. It's for young and for old. This is a little Grisham, Scott Turow and Gerry Spence all in one. I read it in one stretch from the first to the last page. This book is absolutely the best legal thriller this year. Sherman did a great job. Thanks!

Interested? With a purchase of this book you help Sherman and others to be freed!!!

get it at or email us.

NAPS calls for action!

NAPS is a group that supports juvenile and prison reform. We seek to organize and galvanize people like Russell Simmons, Matt Damon, Kanye and Ashton Kutcher to Adopt inmates. We want our members to use google, craiglist, nola etc to e-mail celebrities, pastors and others and ask them to adopt an inmate; especially young inmates. We also fight for inmates rights. We fight for public safety by insisting that rehabilitation be brought back into juveniles and prisons. We want to transform the injustice system and also save our youth. We want older inmates to tell youngsters how awful prison is. We want all of our members to read Sherman Mannings brand new book " Blue Eyed Blonde" ( We also ask sponsors to put "Blue Eyed Blonde" in inner city libraries, collees, juveniles and highschools. We provide free newsletters to our members. Lets engage in letter writing campains, e-mails, blogs and mass book giving. Jesus said "I was in prison and you visited me not" !
Join us today!

You can get involved just where you are today!

1. NAPS needs students interested in social activism as well as entrepreneurial socialism. We need students willing to send e-mails. Do blogs and promote NAPS on computers word wide. Let us know how you are willing to help.

2. If you are aware of a wrongful conviction, prison abuse or judicial corruption let us know.

3. If you are a lawyer or a law student willing to help us let us know.

4. We need every new member to read "Blue Eyed Blonde". Get it a

5. Are you willing to work on pro bono projects, mentor, correspond etc? Are you willing to help fund innovative approaches and solutions to some of society's most pressing needs? We want business school students, high school students, law students etc. to take some of what you've learned and apply it to the world not NAPS. Are you with us?

6. Today we want you to send as an email to your Governor, Senator or Congressman and tell them "You need to read `Blue Eyed Blonde' today". This book will change the world.

7. I want to thank you for joining NAPS.

Best regards
Peter Andrist


"Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has been dead for thirty-seven years now and his speeches still inspires, transform and motivate. That’s why I write! This I believe is true… It must become truth. Maybe someday, perhaps today, somebody will be moved by my writing. It’s important to me. I must be a blessing to somebody else. I cannot sit idly by and allow my own turmoil to cause me to see through a glass darkly. I must pray for guidance and inspiration. I pray for you. I pray and hope that when I reveal the wickedness inside these walls, it will resonate with somebody and cause a turnaround. I don’t want you here......"
This is a report from the inside of the prison walls. We call to attention what others don't want you to hear. We write, connect people and get help where help is needed. Please join our group and speak out of what has been kept under the table for so long.
Sherman Manning, our pastor is in prison for something he did not do. So many great people spend their days and nights in a dark prison cell, left out and forgotten. Let us move a mountain, break down the prison bricks. Open the doors for help and do not stand behind the window and hide between the curtains. It's time now. It's your turn now.
I cry out for help! Somebody to be touched by my writing. Somebody that cares. Help Sherman Manning to be freed as Mandela walked home as a free man.
Please join our fight and check out the links.

Legal Thriller of the Year